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It's not what you do, it's how you do it

A full-service, residential and commercial land development cunsultancy

Concierge Antigua and its affiliates can provide a full service consultancy specializing in prime residential, commercial and land developments. We can draw on expertise in a variety of fields including, design and architecture, construction and construction management, development approval processing, and marketing. Please contact us for more information.


South Point

Embark on a lavish journey to the superior destination of South Point; nestled discretely in Falmouth Harbour, Antigua - the exquisite yachting capital of the Caribbean. Designed with the vacation home and investment property buyer in mind, South Point couples the four-star luxury of a high-end resort with the chic elegance of a boutique hotel....   
Antigua - South Point

East Village

An exclusive luxury residential community set on the east coast of the island embodying a wealth of design features and a host of high-end services to cater to your every whim. Blending a combination of location, materials, lifestyle and design to create a home unique to any other, where you'll also find a breathtaking view of rich land and tranquil sea....   
Antigua - East Village